Monday, September 5, 2016

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human Immuno- Deficiency Virus (HIV) are both sexually transmitted diseases. What is AIDS exactly? According to the dictionary, it is "a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy."  These disease are transferred through the participation in unprotected sex, having sexual intercourse without condoms. AIDS is quickly spread from person-to-person through several methods, and among different age groups. Unprotected sex is the big problem, as well as, shared drug needles, but sex between adults and teens/children, and children who are born with the disease, are the biggest kickers. 

                 To begin with, protected sex is the only sure-fire way to insure partners will not transfer AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), but even this method is not going to work 100%. Having sexual intercourse, anal sex, or oral sex, (outercourse) with several partners will increase your risk of becoming infected with AIDS. How can you prevent the infection? Use condoms and PrEP. PrEP is used by people who have never had AIDS before and it protects users from getting the disease. Most teens who sleep with multiple partners, without protection, will become infected with the disease. 

              At the same time, another large cause of the spread of AIDS is through drug use. There are many ways to receive drugs into the human body, one such way is using needles to inject the drug. Many times, one needle will be used by multiple people. If the first person to use the needle is infected with AIDS/HIV, everyone else after who uses the needle, will then become infected, as well. Suddenly, needle by needle, hundreds of people, who may be virgins, are now infected with the disease. 
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             Thirdly, in many third world countries, it is believed that if a man or woman becomes infected with AIDS, HIV, or an STD, the only way to rid themselves of the disease is to have intercourse with a virgin. Many adults will then have sex with a teen or a young child. This only spreads the disease more, until everyone is infected with the disease and will continue to spread it to anyone they become sexually active with. Many of these infected teens will be tested for AIDS but when testing is positive, they will not get the needed medical attention. 

             In conclusion, it is my opinion, that these third world countries should be educated on the dire need for medical attention. If not treated, infected adults and teens will die. This vast death among the younger generation will eventually decrease the population and could very well be the downfall of the nations. If a teen is tested AIDS or HIV positive, there should be mandatory medical treatment.  
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Testing for AIDS

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