Sunday, September 18, 2016

AIDS Cont.

      The number one leading cause of teen deaths in Africa is AIDS. The number two cause of teen deaths worldwide is also AIDS. Statistics show that approximately 2,100 teens are infected with AIDS every day. In the year 2013, a study performed by researchers showed that four million adolescents (ages 15-24) were infected, and living, with AIDS. Twenty-nine percent of these young people were under the age of nineteen.

      An interesting fact about these infected teens is that most of them are from low to middle class families. Why is this interesting? Because it leads to the assumption that these young people are not getting the sex education they need to protect themselves from this deadly disease. If the infected teens were educated on the subject, not only on sex, but also on how to use protection while having sex, many of these statistics would decrease rapidly. Most low to middles class teens are from third world countries, therefore, are not financially able to get the education they need to protect themselves.

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        Many teens are born with AIDS. In 2013, it was estimated that nearly 240,000 children were infected by their mothers from breastfeeding, and while baby was still in the tummy.  Mothers who have become infected bare their children into the world, and baby is immediately infected with the disease. If baby comes into the world ladened with a disease, he is not going to magically recover. He is going to have to use medications through his entire life. However, this is not ideal. Most families do not have the financial stability to be able to use the medical help.

      In my opinion, if a child is born with this disease and his family is not able to get medications for his illness, they should be given some kind of financial help. However, if the mother of the baby is promiscuous and does not use protection when she is 'doing her thing,' the baby should be taken out of her possession and she should be punished severely. Genetic testing should also be an option. Find out if baby has the disease before coming into the world, and find a cure. The baby should not be punished for his parents' unwise decisions. Therefore, if baby grows up to a teen and finds out he is infected, suing the parents should be an option.

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