Sunday, October 9, 2016

Antiretroviral Drugs

     As I have previously discussed the effects of AIDS and the complications it lays on the body, I have mentioned a drug, or form of medication, called an antiretroviral. So what is the drug’s purpose? It does not cure or rid the body of the disease, it simply slows rate at which the virus grows. The spread of HIV can be slowed through the slowing of the virus growth. These drugs are generally referred to as ARV.
     Antiretroviral therapy is a very effective form a treating HIV. Antiretroviral therapy is also known as ART. When the human body takes one drug for long periods of time, it will grow accustomed to the drug and will create a resistance. Therefore, when a patient is using ART, they are generally prescribed a combination of drugs. The body will become resistant to the therapy if the combination of drugs is used.
Image result for antiretroviral      Antiretroviral drugs are not a cure for AIDS. Many times patients will think they are cured after taking the medications, but they have false beliefs. There is no cure for AIDS, this medication simply slows down the rate of growth. A blood test is done of the patient to see how much of the disease has seeped into the blood. In some patients, they have such a low level, the disease is almost undetectable. The lower the level, the more healthy the patients tend to be. Also, if a patient is taking ARV, they will be less likely to spread AIDS to their partner(s).
     In my opinion, I think ARV and ART programs would be very useful. Slowing down the rate at which a disease grows would be more welcoming than letting it completely take over my body. I think it is strange that there can be low amounts of the disease found in the body. One would think that if you had a disease, it would be there and the body would be completely taken over. In a way, AIDS is almost comparable to cancer in that way.  Also, since taking the medications reduces the risk of transferring the disease, I would not hesitate.
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