Sunday, October 30, 2016

School-Condom Availability

     Teens need to be actively using contraceptives when they are involving themselves in sexual activities. Some teens, especially ones who have not been sexually active for a long time, are extremely timid about getting the needed protection. More simply put, adolescents are embarrassed to go to a store and buy condoms. It is inevitable that without the use of condoms, or other preferred protection, AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases will be spread. Therefore, condoms should be made more easily available.
Image result for school condom availability program      Some schools across the US are taking matters into their own hands to protect their students from AIDS. Several of the eastern states in America are making condoms available to students, with no charge. In most cases, the school offered a vending machine that had condoms in it, however, students did not have to pay a fee to get their condom. They simply pushed a button and it came out. Some studies have shown that with the increase of more available protection, there was a decrease in sexual activity.
     When researchers compared smaller schools to larger schools, they discovered an interesting fact. The smaller school had a tendency to use more condoms, and students were more sexually active. However, the larger schools used fewer condoms and the students were not partaking in as many sexual activities. Although students got the protection for free, there was a small stipulation some schools applied to the teens. In order to get the condom, the teen had to participate in a mini sex education/counseling session. Once they finished the session, they could have as many condoms as they wanted.
     Schools should consider this program. Will all schools allow this? No. In a way, offering condoms so freely could be harmful to students, but one would think the positives would outweigh the negatives. No one is going to be able to completely stop teenagers from having sex, but if the spread of AIDS could be decreased by this simple program, I think, schools should definitely take part in it. AIDS is deadly, this is a simple solution that I think schools across the nation should participate in.
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