Sunday, October 23, 2016

Teen Denial

     The average teen who is sexually active will usually have the mindset that he/she is immune to AIDS. To the mind, it is almost as if there is no way they could contract the disease. There are some things that support this mindset, like protection. Some teens believe if they use a condom every time they have sex, they are invincible; however, this ideology is false. The risk is reduced, but still exists.
     Why is it so dangerous for teens to think they are incapable of getting AIDS? The biggest reason I see is they might have unprotected sex more often, which is a sure fire way to get the disease. Most teens, when they are told they have AIDS/HIV go into a state of denial. This is so dangerous because in their mind, if they do not have AIDS, they will sleep with more people, without telling their partner they have a disease. Which, in turn, spreads AIDS to more people and the cycle continues.
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     Teens can go into different stages of denial. That is, they are unable to cope well with the idea that they have AIDS. this is helpful at first, but then can become an issue. Teens can become angry and take out their anger on those around them; they can also go into a deep depression, which is also unhelpful and dangerous to the health of the teen. They can become anxious and fearful. Although these are just a few of coping issues, there are many more that I will discuss in a later blog.
     Teens need to be more aware of the people they are having sex with. I think there need to be more questions asked before participating in sexual activities.Obviously, reducing the people we become sexually active with will reduce the possibility of contracting AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease. However, teens, and everyone in general, need to be consciously asking their partners if they have and STD.  Also, I think teens need to be able to cope with the new idea of having a disease. There needs to be programs more readily available to help.
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